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Z374962 Sigma

PCR microtube and cap strips

size 0.2 mL



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material   cap (strips)
packaging   pkg of 250 strips (8 tubes or caps per strip)
size   0.2 mL


General description

Strips of eight tubes connected with double bridges to avoid accidental separation. Caps also are in strips of eight. Can be cut apart to use individually if desired.

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Protocols & Articles


Amplification of Damaged DNA with Restorase DNA Polymerase (R1028)

Restorase® DNA Polymerase with 10x Reaction Buffer combines Sigma's Long and Accurate enzyme technology with a DNA repair enzyme resulting in a blend that facilitates repair and amplification of dama...
Keywords: AGE, Alkylations, Amplification, Applications, Buffers, Catalog, Catalysis, Degradations, Diagnostic, Electrophoresis, Gas chromatography, Gel electrophoresis, Instructions, Melting, Methods, Nucleic acid annealing, Nucleic acid denaturation, Nucleic acid hybridization, Polymerase chain reaction, Precipitation, Protocols, Sequences, Size-exclusion chromatography

Amplification of Genomic DNA using REDTaq DNA Polymerase

REDTaq DNA Polymerase is a convenient package that includes all the necessary components for a PCR reaction except primers, DNA template and water. The formulation has been optimized for amplificatio...
Keywords: AGE, Amplification, Applications, Buffers, Digestions, Electrophoresis, Evaporation, Formulations, Gel electrophoresis, Polymerase chain reaction, Purification, Sequencing, transformation

Antibody-Enzyme Mediated Hot Start PCR Protocol

During PCR assay preparation, nonspecific amplification can occur due to binding of PCR primers to nonspecific templates and from formation of primer dimers which result from using other primer molec...
Keywords: AGE, Amplification, Buffers, Electrophoresis, Enzyme activity, Gel electrophoresis, Nucleic acid denaturation, Polymerase chain reaction, Size-exclusion chromatography

End Point PCR Protocol for Long and Accurate DNA Amplification

Technology Overview Equipment Reagents Assay Considerations Procedure Troubleshooting Materials References

Hot Start Taq Polymerase Protocol to Reduce Non-Specific Amplification

As PCR reactions sit at room temperature, during assay setup, nonspecific amplification can occur via:
Keywords: AGE, Amplification, Electrophoresis, Gel electrophoresis, Gene expression, Nucleic acid annealing, Polymerase chain reaction, Size-exclusion chromatography

Long and Accurate PCR Amplification of DNA with RedAccuTaq D4812 Protocol

Reaction Optimization Reliable amplification of long DNA sequences requires: 1) effective denaturation of DNA template, 2) adequate extension times to produce large products and 3) protection of targ...

PCR amplification of Bacterial DNA with low contamination using MTP™ Taq DNA Polymerase

MTP™ Taq DNA Polymerase is a recombinant thermostable enzyme from Thermus aquaticus expressed in E. coli and purified using a proprietary process to minimize levels of contaminating DNA. The enzyme h...
Keywords: AGE, Amplification, Applications, Electrophoresis, Evaporation, Gel electrophoresis, Gene expression, Methods, PAGE, Polymerase chain reaction, Sequences

Standard PCR protocol

Taq DNA Polymerase is a thermostable enzyme derived from the thermophilic bacterium Thermus aquaticus. The enzyme is in a recombinant form, expressed in E. coli. It is able to withstand repeated heat...
Keywords: AGE, Amplification, Applications, Electrophoresis, Evaporation, Gel electrophoresis, PAGE, Polymerase chain reaction, Sequencing

dNTP Mediated Hot Start PCR Protocol

Hot Start dNTPs are modified with a thermolabile protecting group at the 3’ terminus. The presence of this modification blocks nucleotide incorporation by DNA polymerase until the nucleotide protecti...
Keywords: AGE, Amplification, Buffers, Centrifugation, Degradations, Electrophoresis, Gel electrophoresis, Nucleic acid denaturation, Polymerase chain reaction, Purification, Size-exclusion chromatography, Transcription

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