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LC/MS - A Practical User’s Guide

M. McMaster, John Wiley & Sons, 2005, 184 pp., hard cover/CD-ROM

  •  ISBN-10 0-471-65531-7

  •  ISBN-13 978-0-471-65531-2



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publication info   M. McMaster, John Wiley & Sons, 2005, 184 pp., hard cover/CD-ROM
mfr. no.   Wiley


General description

This book is a hands-on reference that focuses on the practical applications and techniques needed to use LC/MS successfully. The author presents empirical methods for optimizing the techniques, maintaining the instrumentation, and choosing the appropriate MS or LC/MS analyzer. It covers everything users need to know about the latest equipment, including quadrupole, time-of-flight, and ion trap analyzers; cutting-edge processes, such as preparing HPLC mobile phases and samples; handling and maintaining a wide variety of silica, zirconium, and polymeric separation columns; interpreting and quantifying mass spectral data; and using MS interfaces; current and future applications in the pharmaceutical and agrochemical industries, biotechnology, clinical research, environmental studies, and forensics An accompanying PowerPoint® slide-set on CD-ROM provides vital teaching tools for instructors and new equipment operators.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Introduction to LC/MS.
Chapter 2. The HPLC System.
Chapter 3. The HPLC Column and Separation Modes.
Chapter 4. HPLC and Column Maintenance.
Chapter 5. Sample Preparation and Separations Development.
Chapter 6. LC/MS Interfaces.
Chapter 7. LC/MS Overview.
Chapter 8. The Mass Analyzers.
Chapter 9. Mass Spectrometer Maintence.
Chapter 10. Application Areas for LC/MS.
Chapter 11. Trace Analysis and LC/MS/MS.
Chapter 12. Drug Discovery and Benchtop LC/MS.
Chapter 13. Proteomics: LC/MALDI/TOF and MS/MS Libraries.
Chapter 14. The Future of LC/MS.
Appendix A: LC/MS Frequently Asked Questions.
Appendix B: Solvents and Volatile Buffers for LC/MS.
Appendix C: A Guide to Structure Interpretation.
Appendix D: A Glossary of LC/MS Terms.
Appendix E: LC/MS Selective Reading List.

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