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53829-U Supelco

Ascentis® Express C18, 2.7 Micron HPLC Column

2.7 μm particle size, L × I.D. 15 cm × 4.6 mm

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feature   endcapped
limit   60 °C temp. range
application(s)   HPLC: suitable
L × I.D.   15 cm × 4.6 mm
impurities   <5 ppm metals
matrix   Fused-Core particle platform
matrix active group   C18 (octadecyl) phase
particle size   2.7 μm
pore size   90 Å
operating pH   2 - 9
suitability   suitable for L1 per USP
mode of chromatography   Reversed phase


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General description

Ascentis Express HPLC columns, through the use of Fused-Core® particle technology, can provide you with both the high speed and high efficiencies of sub-2 μm particles while maintaining lower backpressures. The combination of high efficiency and low backpressure benefits UPLC® (or other ultra high pressure system) users, as well as conventional HPLC users.
Visit the Ascentis Express home page for more information on this new column technology.

Legal Information

Ascentis is a registered trademark of Sigma-Aldrich Co. LLC

Fused-Core is a registered trademark of Advanced Materials Technology, Inc.

UPLC is a registered trademark of Waters

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GHS07  GHS07
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Protocols & Articles


ASSET EZ4-NCO Analysis of Isocyanates

Introduction Isocyanates are used as a raw material to produce a number of products such as automotive paints, rigid and spray foam insulation, and furniture. Personal exposure can occur while the pr...
Jamie Brown, Emily Barrey, Olga Shimelis and Kristen Schultz
Reporter US Volume 30.3
Keywords: Air sampling, Automotive, Degradations, Derivatizations, Detection methods, High performance liquid chromatography, Liquid chromatography mass spectrometry, Mass spectrometry, Respiratory, Sample preparations

Analysis of Carbonyls Using a Dual-Layer LpDNPH Sampling Tube and HPLC

Introduction The dual-layer LpDNPH sorbent tube is an air sampling device designed for sampling carbonyls (e.g. formaldehyde) in ambient, indoor, and industrial atmospheres. Carbonyls are trapped on ...
Kristen Schultz, and Jamie Desorcie
Reporter US Volume 30.1
Keywords: Air sampling, Chromatography, High performance liquid chromatography, Individual protein Immunoprecipitation, Sample preparations

Ascentis Express UHPLC Columns with 2.0 μm Fused-Core Particles

Column Performance The new Supelco Ascentis® Express column line has been designed specifically for UHPLC instruments with 2.0 µm Fused-Core® silica, as diagrammed in Figure 1. Ascentis Express 2.0 µ...
Richard A. Henry, Gaurang Parmar
Reporter US, Volume 32.2
Keywords: High performance liquid chromatography, Mass spectrometry, Pharmaceutical, Separation

Derivatization and Separation of Aliphatic Amines

Hugh Cramer, Associate Scientist Shyam Verma, Market Segment Manager Michael Kiselewsky, Product Manager
AnalytiX, Volume 2, 2011
Keywords: Absorption, Derivatizations, High performance liquid chromatography, Separation

Fast and Robust HPLC Separation of Bile Acids and Conjugates with Ascentis Express C18

Introduction Bile acids are increasingly recognized as playing an important signaling role in the control of immune response and energy metabolism. Recently, there has been interest in measuring bile...
Clare Glicksman, Michael Wright, Dave Bell, and Anders Fridström
Reporter US, Volume 33.1
Keywords: Bacterial conjugations, Biochemistry, Chromatography, Clinical, Clinical Chemistry, High performance liquid chromatography, Hormones, Liquid chromatography mass spectrometry, Mass spectrometry, Metabolism, Sample preparations, Separation, Solvents, Thin layer chromatography

Improving the Current USP Method for the Analysis of Lansoprazole Drug Substance Using HPLC Columns Based on Fused-Core™ Particle Technology

Compendial methods from the USP (United States Pharmacopeia) are widely used in pharmaceutical drug product and raw materials testing. However, not all methods in the USP use modern technologies. In ...
Kai Li, Jiajie He, Xiaoya Ding
Reporter US Volume 26.1
Keywords: Compliance, High performance liquid chromatography, Methods, Pharmaceutical, Reductions

Rapid Screening of Pharmaceutical Compounds | Fast HPLC

HPLC is critical to the discovery, development and eventual commercialization of pharmaceutical products. HPLC is the benchmark analytical method in the pharmaceutical industry due to its ability to ...
Hillel Brandes
Reporter EU Volume 30
Keywords: Anti-depressants, Chromatography, Diffusion, High performance liquid chromatography, Mass spectrometry, PAGE, Pharmaceutical, Reductions, Separation

Separation of Ginsenosides in Panax Quinquefolius (American Ginseng)

Belonging to the plant genus panax, ginseng is one of the most well-known herbal medicines. It has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries, but has also become very popular in the Wes...
Hugh Cramer, Matthias Nold
Analytix Volume 3, 2015
Keywords: Diabetes, Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, Pharmaceutical, Separation, Sonication

Serum Lipidomics Profiling | Ascentis Express Fused-Core C18 Column

The following was generated with the assistance of an outside source using Sigma-Aldrich products. Technical content was generated and provided by:
Reporter US Volume 29.5
Keywords: Analytical Chemistry, Chromatography, Diffusion, Gas chromatography, High performance liquid chromatography, Liquid chromatography mass spectrometry, Mass spectrometry, Metabolites, Phase transitions, Separation

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