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57101-U Supelco

Visiprep 5-port Flask Vacuum Manifold

DL (Disposable Liner)



Features and Benefits

Supplied with 100 disposable liners (Part No. 57059).

General description

The Visiprep 5-Port Flask Vacuum Manifold enables analysts using Supelco solid phase extraction tubes to simultaneously prepare up to 5 samples. Unlike conventional vacuum manifolds, the Visiprep 5-Port Flask Manifold allows users to collect their SPE eluate directly into 50 mL round or flat bottom flasks for direct Rotovap evaporation. The manifold consists of a chemical resistant 5-port cover (DL or standard available), gasket, base, a glass basin, vacuum gauge and bleed valve, 5 flow control valves, 5 replaceable solvent guide needles, and a base plate that supports up to five 50 mL round or flat bottom flasks.

Each port on both the standard and DL Visiprep models are equipped with flow control valves.

Recommended Flasks: Aldrich single-neck flask, 50 mL, joint: ST/NS 24/40
• Round Bottom (Cat. No. Z414484)
• Flat Bottom (Cat. No. Z418773)

Unlike the standard Visiprep model, the Visiprep DL (disposable liner) model virtually eliminates the possibility of cross contamination when consecutive samples are extracted on the same manifold port. Threaded through each of the DL manifold ports is an inexpensive and disposable PTFE liner that runs through the solvent guide directly into the collection vessel (50 mL flask). Because reagents and samples exiting the SPE tube can only come in contact with the internal surface of the disposable liner, the risk of cross contamination when processing multiple SPE samples on the same port is virtually eliminated.

Legal Information

3D Insert is a trademark of 3D Biotek, LLC

Visiprep is a trademark of Sigma-Aldrich Co. LLC

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All labs need water

Non-Sterile Millex Syringe Filters
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