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821967 Supelco

TSKgel® NH2-100 HPLC Column

phase amine, L × I.D. 5 cm × 2 mm, 3 μm particle size

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Related Categories 3 μm TSKgel NH2-100 Columns, Analytical/Chromatography, HPLC, HPLC & FPLC Columns for Biopolymer Separations, TSKgel HILIC HPLC Columns,
material   stainless steel hardware
mfr. no.   Tosoh, 21967
parameter   0-100% organic solvent
  0.2 mL/min standard flow rate
  10-50 °C temperature
  150 bar max. pressure
application(s)   HPLC: suitable
L × I.D.   5 cm × 2 mm
matrix   silica particle platform
matrix active group   amine phase
particle size   3 μm
pore size   100 Å
surface area   450 m2/g
operating pH   2.0 - 7.5
suitability   suitable for L8 per USP
mode of chromatography   Anion exchange
  Hydrophilic interaction (HILIC)
  Normal phase


Physical form

Shipped in 85% acetonitrile - 15% water.

General description

TSKgel NH2-100 amino columns expand the range of TSKgel columns for hydrophilic interaction chromatography (HILIC). Offering a different selectivity from the well known TSKgel Amide-80 columns, these novel amino-bonded phase columns stand out by providing much improved chemical stability, a prerequisite for achieving reproducible and reliable results. TSKgel NH2-100 columns are packed with 3 micron silica particles containing 100Å pores. A novel bonding strategy was adopted to improve chemical stability of the bonded phase. First the silica is reacted with a trimethylsilane endcapping reagent at a low stoichiometric ratio, before reacting residual and accessible silanol groups with trifunctional alkylaminosilane reagent. The resulting bonded phase provides a better safeguard against hydrolysis of the underlying silica. TSKgel NH2-100 columns are unique in that the bonded phase ligand not only, as expected, has a terminal primary amino group, but that the spacer also incorporates secondary as well as tertiary amino groups. Anionic compounds are retained on the column by ionic interaction. This allows for the use of gradients in salt concentration, in addition to gradient elutions with acetonitrile. Since the TSKgel NH2-100 columns have cationic sites, the columns can be used as mixed mode columns under some conditions. TSKgel NH2-100 columns are well suited for the analysis of all types of hydrophilic compounds, including carbohydrates and peptides. Due to a high ligand density and large surface area, these columns show stronger retention of polar compounds than TSKgel Amide-80 columns.

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Legal Information

TSKgel is a registered trademark of Tosoh Corporation

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All labs need water
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