The Alfred R. Bader Award for Student Innovation 2017 in Synthetic Organic Chemistry

Enter to Win

Enter your research project into the Alfred R. Bader Award for Student Innovation program for 2017. This annual award program focuses on:

  • Development of new reagents, catalysts, ligands, technologies, software, labware, or instrumentation broadly applicable to synthetic organic chemistry
  • Creative use of current reagents, catalysts, and ligands in methodology or total synthesis projects


$5,000 grand Prize*

Four finalists will also receive:

  • $500 worth of cash and prizes
  • All-expense paid travel to the Bader Student Chemistry Symposium September 7, 2017, at our Innovation Center in the City of Science Darmstadt, Germany

*To be decided following presentations at the Bader Student Chemistry Symposium



  • Applicant must have completed three full years of graduate work
  • Limited to the first 200 applicants
  • Applicants must be able to attend and make a short presentation of their graduate research at the Bader Student Chemistry Symposium September 7, 2017 in Darmstadt, Germany

Applicants Must Submit

  • A research summary** highlighting
    – Applicant’s individual contribution to the project
    – Impact of the work on the chemistry or scientific community
  • A 100-word personal statement about the student’s experience with innovation in chemistry

Applications must be received no later than June 16, 2017. Finalists will be notified by July 7, 2017.

**The research summary is limited to 1,000 words (excluding references) and should be submitted as a Microsoft Word document in 10-point Arial font.

About the Bader Awards

As a young chemistry graduate student, Alfred R. Bader valued service and selection. It was these ideals on which he cofounded the Aldrich Chemical Company in 1951. Bader sought to save research chemists time by providing quality standardized chemicals. He was one of the foremost chemical innovators of his time, and his legacy continues in the Sigma-Aldrich name and in many philanthropic designations and honors.

Soon after cofounding Aldrich, Bader fostered global relationships with small chemical suppliers and his ever-innovative customers to grow his catalogue and company. The result was fast success and the development of one of the best-known chemical catalogues. In 1975, the company’s name changed to Sigma-Aldrich after a merger. Today, the name continues as part of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany. Bader’s commitment to collaboration with scientists, cutting-edge products, and outstanding quality lives on through the dedication of current employees and outreach activities like the Alfred R. Bader Award for Student Innovation.

More than a decade’s worth of chemistry graduate students have participated in the Alfred R. Bader Awards for Student Innovation. Over the years the prize amounts and application criteria have varied, but the awards have always recognized the work of up-and-coming chemists with big ideas. Previous awardees include Sigma-Aldrich partners Abby Doyle and Stephen T. Heller.

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