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Boron chemistry and boranes in particular, have been a vital part of Aldrich Chemistry since the 1970s. Thanks to the work of notable chemists, especially H.C. Brown, the hydroboration became accessible to the world. In recent memory, boron chemistry has grown into much more, including acting as a versatile cross-coupling reagent. Diisopropylamine borane and Dicyclohexylamine borane allow for easy conversion to the boronic acid of your choice (BF3K, Bpin, MIDA, and others). Click here to see our catalog of boranes.

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Chemical Biology

We all know chemical synthesis by itself is great, but what is better is to have practical applications for it. Some of the major applications for novel synthesis are in the realms of enzyme inhibition, neuroscience. and cell signaling.

Recently, a library of Serine Hydrolase Inhibitors hit the market thanks to Dale Boger and his research group. Because of our limited functional characterization of these small molecules, scientists are now attempting to cater synthesis routes to describe their physiological functions. Learn more about our fatty acid amide hydrolases.

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