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Catalysis and Inorganic Chemistry

Aldrich Chemistry is proud to introduce (+) PBAM (799599): an efficient organocatalyst to facilitate stereoselective aza-Henry reactions. Expanding the scope of Nitro Aldol reactions, PBAM is not only a selective catalyst, but is also more reactive than previous BAM molecules. The range of the nitroalkane component has been expanded to facilitate the stereocontrolled addition of primary and secondary nitroalkanes.

(+) PBAM
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Synthetic Reagents

In collaboration with <A href="">Professor Jeffrey Bode Aldrich Chemistry is also pleased to introduce the SnAP Reagents 798843, 798851, 798916, 798878. The SnAP Reagents alleviate the challenges of synthesizing novel saturated N-heterocyclic building blocks and allow for the direct synthesis of saturated N-heterocycles, which are compatible with a diverse range of aldehyde substrates.

SnAP 3Me-M Reagent

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SnAP 2Me-M Reagent

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SnAP M Reagent

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SnAP OA Reagent

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