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Controlling the enantioselectivity of Pd(II)/Pd(IV) catalytic cycles during C­­­­­-H functionalization reactions has been a focal point of many synthetic chemists over the past decade. Recently, Jin-Quan Yu has applied his insight using his chiral mono-N-protected amino acids (MPAAs) to overcome activation of C(sp3) - H bonds in alkyl amines. The newest MPAA, menthol derived (+)-Men-Leu-OH (809047), has been added to the Yu MPAA Ligand Library for C-H arylation reactions.

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Green Chemistry

As the chemistry world shifts toward a more sustainable perspective on synthesis, legendary chemist Barry Sharpless continues to innovate the field. This time, the topic is developing a green, organic solvent-free catalytic system for Suzuki cross-coupling reaction. Although this issue of aqueous cross-coupling reactions has been addressed, the addition of PEGs and harsh conditions are often still required. Luckily, Nobel Laureate Barry Sharpless and his lab group have developed this aryl flurosulfate (ALD00428) to remedy these problems and provide excellent yields!

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