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Pyridines and indoles are nitrogen-containing motifs found in many biologically active compounds. Similarly, pyridynes and indolynes are highly reactive intermediates, but contain triple bonds, allowing for many possible reactions. These highly reactive compounds are used as precursors in the synthesis of N-heterocyclic compounds. Recently, more of these precursors (795569 and 795666) have been developed in Neil Garg′s group and are active under mild fluoride conditions.

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Catalysis and Inorganic Chemistry

Hydrogen Atom Transfer (HAT) is an isomerization technique used to optimize diastereoselectivity. Terminal alkene isomerization and cycloisomerization are now high-yielding reactions. Thanks to a recent innovation from The Scripps Research Institute, a bench-top stable, profitable Cobalt-Silane precatalyst (804010) is now available.

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