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Asymmetric Synthesis

Reactions with phosphine catalysts coupled with allenes and other various partners often offer small-ring compounds. Ring-forming reactions are of growing interest for organic chemists. Oyhun Kwon and collaborators have developed highly efficient synthesis of rigid [2.2.1] bicyclic chiral phosphines for catalytic annulation. By eliminating conformational flexibility and air-sensitivity, this enantioselective synthesis afford higher yielding ring-closing reactions. Aldrich Chemistry is proud to offer a suite of substituted bicyclic phosphines for enantiomeric asymmetric synthesis.

View Details for Aldrich Product No. 798444 Endo-4-methoxyphenyl Kwon [2.2.1] Bicyclic Phosphine

View Details for Aldrich Product No. 808539 γ-(2-Azidoethyl)-ATP sodium salt solution
Chemical Biology

Modified ATP salts are used to tag and/or analyze unique kinase/analogue pairing. Commonly, modifications are made at the Gamma-phosphate or the N6 position of adenosine to feature a variety of functional group possibilities. These ATP derivatives are commonly used for click-type chemistry and screened in tandem with protein kinase to demonstrate donating of key phosphates. Thanks to recent innovations at The Scripps Research Institute, these modified ATP salts are now commercially available through Aldrich Chemistry.

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