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Catalysis and Inorganic Chemistry

Multi-step Csp3- and Csp2-coupling reactions of boronic acids have limited organic chemists for years. Sigma-Aldrich and Gary Molander′s group are proud to introduce a novel dual-catalyst system of nickel (Prod # 244988) and iridium (Prod # 804215) for Single Electron Transfer (SET) cross-coupling reactions. By combining the potential of photoredox reactions with an activated organotrifluoroborates, a one-pot alkyl cross-coupling reaction is now available.

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Building Blocks

Spirocycles appear in countless biologically active molecules that provide unique applications for medicinal chemists. Spirocyclic moieties (both linear and angular) are a prevalent sub-structure within natural products that exploit three dimensions of a molecule. Sigma-Aldrich now offers a suite of Spirocyclic Building Blocks in collaboration with Erick Carreira′s group. With spiro[3.3]heptanes (Prod # 797529) and spiro[3.4]octanes (Prod # 797413), these diverse spirocyclic compounds innovate discovery by creatively utilizing chemical space.

View Details for Aldrich Product No. 797529 tert-Butyl 3-hydroxy-1-oxa-6-azaspiro[3.3]heptane-6-carboxylate .................. View Details for Aldrich Product No. 797413 2-(tert-Butoxycarbonyl)-5-oxa-2-azaspiro[3.4]octane-7-carboxylic acid

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