SLAP Reagents

Silicon amine protocol (SLAP) reagents are now available in collaboration with Professor Dr. Jeffrey Bode to form N-unprotected piperazines. Similar in function to the SnAP Reagents, the SLAP derivatives are free of tin and instead use photocatalytic cross-coupling with Ir[(ppy)2dtbbpy]PF6 (747769) to form N-heterocycles from aldehydes and ketones.

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900400 SLAP 3-SpiroCyHex N-Bn Pip Reagent ≥95% C18H32N2Si
900401 SLAP 2,3-Bicyclo-(3,4-THF) N-BnPip Reagent ≥95% New C15H26N2OSi
900399 SLAP N-Bn Pip Reagent 95% C13H24N2Si
900404 SLAP HydroPyridopyrazine Reagent ≥95% C10H24N2Si