Chemistry Services

Chemical Procurement Services

Do you find sourcing specialty chemicals difficult and time consuming?

Our Chemical Procurement Service can help you to optimize your purchasing process, specifically for hard to source molecules or custom chemicals, by consolidating your search through a single vendor you know and trust, Sigma-Aldrich.

Sigma-Aldrich has put at your disposal a procurement service dedicated to your chemical sourcing needs. Our experience and outstanding connection with more than 1000 chemical suppliers world-wide, enables us to give you access to more than two million compounds, in addition to those available from our catalogue.

Simple process

Fast response

  • Quotes within 48 hours
  • Delivery of available products within 10 business days
  • Custom synthesis if the product is currently not available

Efficient procurement management

  • Save time
  • Optimize your resources
  • Remove risks of unknown suppliers such as:
    • delivery failure                     
    • customs regulations and paperwork
    • payment terms and systems
  • Receive products at the best price
  • Consolidate your supplier database


For more information, contact your Sigma-Aldrich Sales representative, or email