LOPAC®1280 – The Library of Pharmacologically Active Compounds

The power and performance of the bioactive small molecules in Sigma Life Science’s Library of Pharmacologically Active Compounds (LOPAC1280) is assured. This biologically annotated collection of inhibitors, receptor ligands, pharma-developed tools, and approved drugs impacts impacts most signaling pathways and covers all major drug target classes.

  • 1,280 pharmacologically active compounds – All major target classes are represented, including GPCRs and kinases, making LOPAC the most flexible target characterization and assay validation library available

  • Marketed drugs and pharmaceutically relevant structures annotated with biological activities Predictable activities and proven scaffolds directed against a wide range of drug targets to guide repurposing applications

  • Pre-solubilized and normalized compounds to guide repurposing applications – Ready-to-use DMSO stocks require less time-consuming sample preparation

  • Guaranteed Sigma quality and easy re-supply – Highly pure compounds, each available as an individual catalog item

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