Stable Isotopes


The use of stable isotopes in MRI/MRS imaging has advanced exponentially, and ISOTEC® Stable Isotopes is committed to offering an extensive array of labeled compounds for your research needs. Stable isotopes in conjunction with 13C-MRS in vivo techniques provide a way to explore fluxes through energy-related metabolic pathways. We provide a variety of 13C-labeled glucose, pyruvate and lactate compounds to help elucidate tricarboxylic acid (TCA) cycle turnover and glutamate and glutamine metabolism, for example. Researchers are also using stable isotopes with advanced technologies such as hyperpolarization for in vivo MRI imaging. Dynamic Nuclear Polarization (DNP) and Para Hydrogen Induced Polarization (PHIP) are the two hyperpolarization techniques currently used in MRI. ISOTEC® Stable Isotopes can provide the labeled compounds needed to explore this new area of research.