Stable Isotopes

Metabolic Research

Stable isotopically labeled products can provide accurate and non-radioactive in vivo studies of both nutrition and metabolism. Compounds labeled with stable isotopes like Carbon-13, Nitrogen-15, Deuterium and others can be identified and measured using techniques such as MRI and MRS. We provide highly purified stable isotope labeled metabolic precursors and compounds for the study of energy utilization in vivo, brain metabolism, protein and glucose metabolism, metabolomics, fatty acid metabolism and others.

ISOTEC offers a complete line of labeled compounds for nutrition and metabolic studies, including the largest variety of carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and deuterium labeled metabolic intermediates, along with oxygen-18 and deuterium enriched water. We also offer sterility and pyrogen testing of selected products. In addition, we can contract special requirements for custom projects. You can rely on ISOTEC for the highest quality products because of our in-process testing from isotopic enrichment through rigorous final release requirements.