Metabolic Research

Stable Isotope Labeled Products for Metabolic Research

Stable isotope labeled products serve as useful tools in the study of steady state and dynamic metabolomics. These compounds are ideal to study metabolic flux as they closely mimic the endogenous natural abundance metabolite. Stable isotope tracer techniques are often paired with mass spectrometric methodology to give dynamic information regarding turnover rates and physiological regulation.1 Tracer methodology has routinely been used to study the biosynthesis and degradation of metabolites within healthy2 and diseased systems. While it is important to understand how a normal system operates, metabolic changes are intricately related to the development and progression of numerous diseases including diabetes3 and cancer.4 This area is heavily studied; however, the natural complexities surrounding the many overlapping biosynthetic pathways leave a diverse array of metabolic questions to be answered.

Sigma Aldrich Stable Isotopes is uniquely prepared to provide the products needed for all types of nutrition and metabolic research. This includes an extensive product line containing products labeled with 13C, 15N, D and 18O, as well as products with multiple and varied labeling patterns. A significant portion of metabolic research involves in vivo studies. For this reason, we also provide materials which have undergone extended testing. Many standard products are available with S&P (sterility and pyrogen) testing and by request, any product can be provided with these specifications. There are also several products available meeting the more rigorous testing requirements of the European and United States Pharmacopeias. Isotec also operates a full GMP laboratory and can accommodate any customer requirement.

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