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Packaging Specifications

  4x4L Case Pack 20L Flex-Spout 20L NPT Threads 18L VerSA-Flow 20L NOWPAK 18L Pure Pac
Volume 16 liters
4.23 gallons
20 liters
5.28 gallons
20 liters
5.28 gallons
18 liters
4.76 gallons
20 liters
5.28 gallons
18 liters
4.76 gallons
Liner Material Amber glass bottle     High-density polyethylene Polytetra-
Overpack Material Corrugated cardboard Carbon steel Carbon steel Steel High-density polyethylene Stainless steel
Closure Type 38-439 Flex-Spout 2" & 3/4" NPT thread 2" buttress thread 63 mm 3" sanitary fitting
Dimensions (Height x Diameter) 42.55 cm
x 38.74 cm
36.35 cm
x 27.94cm
36.35 cm
x 27.94cm
41.28 cm
x 29.85 cm
41.43 cm
x 30.48 cm
53.34 cm
x 31.75 cm
Approximate Empty Weight 15.50 lbs.
7.03 kg
4.96 lbs.
2.25 kg
4.85 lbs.
2.20 kg
7.94 lbs.
3.60 kg
4.20 lbs.
1.91 kg
37.48 lbs.
17.00 kg
DOT/UN Rating UN4G/Y29.9/S UN1A1/X1.4/250 UN1A1/X1.4/250 UN1A2/X50/S UN1H1/Y1.9/100 UN1A1/X2.0/1030
Solvent Grades A.C.S., Reagent, Spectrophotometric, PRA, GC, CHROMASOLV & CHROMASOLV Plus for HPLC A.C.S., Reagent & Histological A.C.S., Reagent & Histological A.C.S., Reagent, Solvent Blends & CHROMASOLV for HPLC Solvent Blends & CHROMASOLV for HPLC Anhydrous, Biotech & CHROMASOLV for HPLC