Redi-Dri™ Product Line for Free-Flowing Hygroscopic Powders. Work Smarter, Not Harder!

The Redi-Dri packaging system eliminates clumping typically noted with many hygroscopic powders and provides a free-flowing, ready-to-use material. Don’t waste valuable time or product using reagents that readily absorb environmental moisture and harden before use. Test the Redi-Dri benefits for yourself:

  • Improved Usability and Efficiency - Redi-Dri offers a grade of “usability” by eliminating the need to chip, chisel or grind common reagents. With consistent, free-flowing material, eliminate sample preparation, solvate reagents faster,  and reduce the frustration involved with many hygroscopic powders.
  • Enhanced Safety - The Redi-Dri packaging system reduces the risk of laceration (Average cost of injury per OSHA - $19,059), puncture (Average cost of injury per OSHA - $22,716), sprain and strain (Average cost of injury per OSHA - $28,866), and chemical exposure by reducing the need to utilize “tools of force” when preparing hygroscopic reagents for use.
  • Consistent Quality - The Redi-Dri packaging system essentially offers a “desiccator” in every bottle. By limiting the environmental effects of moisture on quality, Redi-Dri removes the need to utilize “tools of force” that can lead to contamination and restricts the effect that moisture can have on your anhydrous products.
  • Reduced Cost -  By improving efficiency and reducing risk of injury, laboratories and production units can save direct labor and potential injury cost with every Redi-Dri use.
  • Less Waste - Redi-Dri delivers a consistent, free-flowing material. Never discard material again that cannot be removed from its packaging or is wasted following analytical standards (product that is prepped cannot be returned to the container).
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