Gas Chromatography

Supelco's full-line of capillary gas chromatography (GC and GC-MS) columns includes ionic liquid, MS-grade, Fast GC, GCxGC, chiral, and PLOT columns, conveniently grouped by industry (including environmental, petroleum, food & beverage, and pharmaceutical), by method referenceby phase polarity and also by name. We offer the most complete line of packed GC columns and components. To maximize performance, check out our comprehensive line of GC accessories (including molded GC septa, deactivated inlet liners, syringes, and vials), standards, solvents, and gas purification/management products (including purifiers, gas generators, tubing, fittings, and pressure regulators).
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GC Column Selection Guide
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Fast GC Brochure
Fast GC Brochure
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Chiral GC Columns Brochure
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GC Accessories & Gas Pur/Mgmt products
GC Accessories &
Gas Pur/Mgmt Products
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