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Solid Phase Extraction

MIP Technologies Products Cross Reference

MIP Technologies   Supelco
Cat. No.   Product Name   Cat. No.   Product Name Description
1001-0025-G MIP[4]SPE Clenbuterol   53201-U SupelMIP SPE Clenbuterol 25mg/10mL (LRC), pk 50
1002-0025-G MIP[4]SPE Beta-agonist   53202-U SupelMIP SPE Beta-agonist 25mg/10mL (LRC), pk 50
1002-0025-B MIP[4]SPE Beta-agonist   53225-U SupelMIP SPE Beta-agonist 25mg/3mL, pk 50
1003-0025-B MIP[4]SPE NNAL   53203-U SupelMIP SPE NNAL 25mg/3mL, pk 50
1003-0025-G MIP[4]SPE NNAL   53206-U SupelMIP SPE NNAL 25mg/10mL (LRC), pk 50
1004-0025-G MIP[4]SPE Riboflavin (Vitamin B2)   53207-U SupelMIP SPE Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) 25mg/10mL (LRC), pk 50
1005-0025-G MIP[4]SPE Triazine 10   53208-U SupelMIP SPE Triazine 10 0 25mg/10mL (LRC), pk 50
1006-0025-B MIP[4]SPE Chloramphenicol   53209-U SupelMIP SPE Chloramphenicol 25mg/3mL, pk 50
1006-0025-G MIP[4]SPE Chloramphenicol   53210-U SupelMIP SPE Chloramphenicol 25mg/10mL (LRC), pk 50
1007-0025-B MIP[4]SPE Beta-Blocker   53213-U SupelMIP SPE Beta-Blocker 25mg/3mL, pk 50
1007-0025-G MIP[4]SPE Beta-Blocker   53218-U SupelMIP SPE Beta-Blocker 25mg/10mL (LRC), pk 50
1008-0025-G MIP[4]SPE TSNAs   53221-U SupelMIP SPE TSNAs 50mg/10mL (LRC), pk 50
1008-0025-B MIP[4]SPE TSNAs   53222-U SupelMIP SPE TSNAs 50mg/3mL, pk 50
1009-0025-G MIP[4]SPE Beta receptor   53223-U SupelMIP SPE Beta-Receptors 25mg/10mL (LRC), pk 50
1009-0025-B MIP[4]SPE Beta receptor   53224-U SupelMIP SPE Beta-Receptors 25mg/3mL, pk 50