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Vol . 2, No. 5
Rieke® Organozinc & Organomagnesium Reagents

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Introduction / Rieke® Organozinc Reagents / Rieke® Organomagnesium Reagents
Rieke® Highly Reactive Metals / Rieke® Specialty Conducting Polymers
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Rieke® Highly Reactive Metals

Metal-enhanced organic synthesis via organometallic intermediates is a widely used preparative route for thousands of organic compounds. However, in some cases, ordinary bulk metal forms fail to react with organic substrates. Rieke® Highly Reactive Magnesium (Mg*) and Rieke® Highly Reactive Zinc (Zn*) react efficiently with a variety of organic substrates.


Cat. No. Product Name Unit Size
49,957-9 Magnesium, highly reactive Rieke® metal
(2.5g Mg* in 100mL tetrahydrofuran)
49,955-2 Zinc, highly reactive Rieke® metal
(5g Zn* in 100mL tetrahydrofuran)