Aldrich Market Select

The Aldrich Market Select Purchasing Solution provides customers a strategy to find and purchase screening compounds and building blocks from chemical suppliers that Sigma-Aldrich has selected as reliable business partners. The powerful chemical database behind contains over 8 million products from more than 60 of the most reliable chemical suppliers around the world. These products range from drug-like compounds for testing in molecular screening to synthetic building blocks for use in chemical synthesis. You can rapidly explore a research hypothesis by purchasing existing chemical samples for testing rather than taking months to synthesize compounds in-house. The website provides a simple interface to quickly identify and purchase chemicals and, when used in conjunction with Aldrich Market Select Purchasing Solution, we take care of all the details of your purchase. Our dedicated team takes care of the following key process to simplify your research:

  • Quote and Order Management – We provide accurate, timely quotes and manage the orders from multiple chemical suppliers required for your project.
  • International Shipping and Compliance – We manage any import, export, and international compliance documentation necessary for your project.
  • Consolidated Invoice and Supplier Payment – We review and consolidate all supplier invoices into one simple payment for the molecules you receive.
  • Post Procurement Follow-up Support – You can depend on Aldrich for any help if there are any post-delivery questions.
  • Additional Custom Formatting & Packaging Options – Through AldrichCPR we can manage any custom formatting that you require for the compounds or building blocks that you purchase.
  • Custom Library Services – We can assist you in the creation of focused or diverse libraries designed for your specific research needs.

The Database

Aldrich Market Select is a comprehensive chemical database of building blocks and screening compounds for early stage discovery efforts and custom libraries. It consists of over 8 million chemical products; represented by over 6 million unique chemical structures; from more than 60 chemical suppliers around the world. Regular maintenance that assures you can be confident you’re viewing the most recent catalog data. Currently, there are two ways to access the Aldrich Market Select Database. The first is by using the website,, to search and purchase building blocks and screening compounds online. The second is to register and receive quarterly updates of the database to use in your own systems. Registration for the Aldrich Market Select Database is FREE and requires only a usage agreement. If you are interested in learning more about the Aldrich Market Select Database or obtaining quarterly updates contact the Discovery Chemistry & Services team.

The Website is a simple interface allowing you to easily Search, Select, and Purchase chemical compounds.  Follow the brief feature highlights below or step over to the website and start searching for yourself.

  Search – An exact, substructure, or similarity search can be executed on a structure; and lists of products in SDF or SMILES or unique structure IDs may also be uploaded to search. Use pre-search filters to query a range of products to match your criteria.
  Select This website allows you to easily sort and filter lists of compounds by chemical properties, price, quantity, and delivery time to select those exact products that meet your needs. For each structure, a line has been highlighted in green signifying the best value based on target quantity and price.  All highlighted items can be selected and added to the cart at once or you can go through and custom select items to match your requirements.
  Purchase Aldrich Market Select has a simple check-out process.
  1. Once logged into your account you will confirm your contact and shipping information and move forward to providing your packaging requirements.
  2. Through the website, you have two packaging options, either have products delivered in supplier provided packaging or utilize AldrichCPR custom packaging services.
  3. After one final review of products, formatting, and additional comments, you can finish your order by providing a purchase order/credit card, or if you aren’t ready to purchase just yet, you can request a quote.

For any questions or suggestions about please contact the Discovery Chemistry & Services team.

The Vendors

Currently more than 70 chemical suppliers around world are part of Aldrich Market Select. We have used our experience in compound procurement to identify reliable suppliers for the database and continuously monitored deliverability statistics to assure vendor accuracy. In addition, supplier catalogs are regularly updated to provide current product listings, pricing, and lead times.

If you are interested in becoming a vendor listed in the Aldrich Market Select database and website please contact the Discovery Chemistry & Services team.