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Products for the Petrochemical Industry

The oil industry accelerates the global economy by meeting the demand for petroleum, natural gas, biofuels and petrochemicals. Its success depends upon safe, reliable and efficient processes to ensure that consumers receive a consistent flow of high-quality products. At Sigma-Aldrich, we are here to provide you with safe, sustainable and high-performance products for your Research & Development, Quality Control and Environmental Health and Safety.

 Featured Products

New Watercol™ capillary GC
• Convenient measurement of water
  by GC
• Sharp water peak shape
• Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis
• Linear Response
• Great Sensitivity
• Reproducible Results



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Ionic Liquid Capillary GC Columns
SLB-ILD3606 Engineered for improved resolution of benzene (and other aromatics) and oxygenates in gasoline.


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