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Coupler Configuration

Pure-Pac II® Assembly and Components

Pure-Pac II Assembly and Components
  1. 20L-200 L Stainless steel container (MAWP < 1 bar) with micromatic MAV valve and dip tube

  2. Z560723-1EA – Micromatic coupler with 12 PSI pressure relief
    (1 in. MNPT discharge, 1/4 in. FNPT nitrogen inlet)*

  3. a. Z565547-1EA – Stainless hose connector
       (1/4 in. MNPT – 1/4 in. hose I.D.)*
    b. 22700-U – 1/4 in. MNPT – 1/4 in. tube O.D.

  4. a. Z685658-1PAK – 1/4 in. I.D. Tygon* tubimg to attach nitrogen
    b. Z280240-1PAK – 1/4 in. PTFE tubing
    c. Z562408-1EA – 1/4 in. SS braided line

  5. Z562300-1EA – Stainless hex reducing coupling
    (1 in. FNPT – 1/2 in. FNPT)*

  6. Z562319-1EA – Stainless street elbow
    (1/2 in. MNPT – 1/2 in. FNPT)*

  7. Z263532-1EA – Tube adapter
    (1/2 in. MNPT – 3/8 in. tube/ferrule O.D.)*

  8. Z263605-1EA – SS braided PTFE hose
    (3/8 in. tube adapt I.D., end fitting 3/8 in., 8 ft. length)

  9. Z741030-1EA – PurePac® dispense toggle valve assembly with 3/8 in. tube fitting and PFA tubing


Z104388-1PAK – Note: While connecting metal to
metal parts, be sure to use PTFE sealing tape.*

*Included in Z566020-1KT kit



Pure-Pac II Container Cutaway Micromatic MacroValve Coupler