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Comparison Tables

Comparison tables allow convenient product comparison. Instructions are provided below and product comparison features are highlighted in yellow in the images below.


  • Compare up to 4 products side by side
  • View pricing and availability
  • View chemical structures side by side


  1. Type your search term in the search box and click the "Search" button.  A list of products matching the search term will display under the "Product Results" tab.
     Comparison Table Features
  2. Click on the box to the left of the product number for each product to compare.
  3. As each box is clicked, a "Comparison List" to the left of the products results list is populated, which reflects the current selections.
  4. After selecting up to 4 products, click the "compare" button. A "compare" button is located under the "Comparison List" and at the top of the search results list to the left of the "Sort By" filter box.
  5. To change the products selected, click the remove icon (remove icon Remove) from the comparison page, and then click the "Back to search results" link.  Then add additional products, up to the four product maximum.


  6. As an alternative way to change the products selected, click the "Back to search results" link, and then click on the selected boxes to remove them or click the "clear all" button. Then add additional products, up to the four product maximum.


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