Arrays & Interaction Profiling

Functional Array Technology

Panorama™ Functional Protein Arrays utilize a proprietary tagging technology based on the presence and biotinylation of a BCCP (biotin-carboxy carrier protein) tag. When the fusion protein is correctly folded and thus functional, the expressed BCCP tag becomes biotinylated.

The BCCP-biotin complex then securely tethers the spotted protein to the streptavidin coated slide 1 x 3 inch glass slide (figure 1).

Figure 1: Arrayed proteins are captured onto glass slide via the BCCP tag. The use of the BCCP tag ensures the immobilized proteins are 1) Oriented such that interaction with probe is possible 2) Strongly bound via a biotin:streptavidin linkage 3) Easily purified and captured in a single step.

Functional Array Technology

  • Proprietary BCCP (biotin-carboxyl carrier protein) tagging technology ensures fully functional proteins are immobilized.
  • Probe with DNA, proteins, kinases, or small molecules
  • Generate results in less than half a day


Array of immobilized proteins is interrogated with a labeled probe such as DNA or protein

The probe is allowed to incubate/interact with the arrayed proteins, then washed to remove unbound probe.

Interactions are identified by detection of fluorescent signals using an array scanner.

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