Arrays & Interaction Profiling

Panorama® Antibody Array – Cancer Protein

Accurately identify your target's interaction against 130 fully functional cancer proteins with the Panorama Cancer Protein Array. Based on a proprietary tagging technology that ensures only functional proteins are immobilized, the cancer protein array is an essential research tool for unveiling details of protein involvement in cancer development.

  • Accurate representation of 130 cancer proteins.
  • Proteins are expressed in insect cells and analyzed by Western blot to verify generation of full-length proteins.
  • Compatible with probing by DNA, proteins, kinases & small molecules and with Cy3/Cy5 –based detection chemistries.

Functional Array Technology

Cancer Protein Content (192 Kb Excel file)

Slide Analysis Software (6.71 Kb GAL file)

Slide Analysis Template (2.01 Mb Excel file)

Order Information

Product No. Product Description Technical Bulletin
HPFM2 Panorama® Human Protein Function Array – Cancer v1 Array

Kit Contents

  • Panorama Human Cancer v1 Protein Array - 2 ea
  • Calmodulin - Cy5
  • Monoclonal Anti-c-Myc-Cy3 Conjugate
  • Cover slips
  • quadiPERM Vessel
  • 50 mL Conicol - 2 ea
  • Pap Jar - 4 ea
  • Assay Buffer
  • Calmodulin Buffer
  • BSA
  • 1M DTT
  • Cancer v1 Array Diskette (GAL file and analysis spreadsheet)


This product is sold under an exclusive worldwide license and a joint collaborative
agreement between Sigma-Aldrich Corp. and Procognia Limited.

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