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Custom Oligos

Custom DNA Probes

Bioconfident. Unleash superior assay performance with Sigma's custom qPCR probes

Whether your application is gene expression analysis, genotyping, pathogen detection, or other, Sigma's wide selection of reporter and quencher dyes for quantitative PCR (qPCR) probes will support all real-time and end-point detection chemistries.

Dual-Labeled Probes: The most common type, linear hydrolysis probes are used in the 5' nuclease assay.

Molecular Beacons: Structured hybridization probes that are not degraded during the amplification reaction.

LightCycler® Probes: Dual-hybridization probes that are designed for use in Roche™ LightCycler instruments.

Scorpions® Probes: Combination structured probe – primers that internally hybridize to the target sequence.

Product Highlights

Choosing the Right Probe Type

OligoArchitect™ Primer and Probe Design Solutions

qPCR and MIQE Seminar Series