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Post Reaction

For post reaction analysis of your Epigenetic studies Sigma offers purification and clean-up kits that enable cloning and/or sequencing of PCR products. Our line of post reaction kits will facilitate rapid and accurate analysis and identification of your Epigenetic products.

Post Reaction
Director PCR Cloning Kit
The Director PCR system provides rapid, universal and directional cloning of PCR products. You may use your own vectors or the Director-Ready vector with efficiencies greater than 90%.

For additional information visit the
Director PCR Cloning Kit page
GenElute PCR Clean-Up
Recover up to 95% of PCR fragments between 100bp to 1000kb in 5 minutes. DNA is concentrated in 50 µl of buffer. GenElute provides 40% more purifications than competitor’s products.

For additional information visit the
GenElute PCR Clean-up System page

GenElute Plasmid Purification
GenElute plasmid purification kits purify high-quality plasmid DNA in less than 30 minutes. Sigma-Aldrich offers Maxi, Midi and Mini prep kits that may be used depending on the yields required for downstream applications.

For additional information visit the
GenElute Plasmid Midi & Maxi Purification Kit or
GenElute Plasmid Mini Purification Kit page
SigmaSpin Sequencing Clean-Up
SigmaSpin post-reaction clean-up products are available in plates or columns. Both formats remove unincorporated dyes, excess salts, and other interfering reaction components.

For additional information visit the SigmaSpin columns page or the SigmaSpin plates page

UltraClear Sequencing Reaction Clean-Up Kit
UltraClear Sequencing Clean-Up Kits provide a rapid and simple method for clean-up of sequencing reactions in a 96-well format. Ultrafiltration membranes separate low molecular weight contaminants from your sequencing reaction products.

For additional information visit the
UltraClear Sequencing Reaction Clean-Up Kit page

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