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Life Science Quarterly

January 2001

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Editorial Board

Managing Editor
Rafael Valdes-Camin

Sean Battles

Design Firm
Northbank Communications Ltd.
The Type House, Inc.

Editorial Review Board
Keith Jolliff, Ph.D.
Christina Shasserre
Keith Watling, Ph.D.

Molecular Biology
Feature Article
Microarrays for Gene Discovery and Metabolic Pathway Analysis in Plants

Application Notes
ArrayHybTM and ArrayHybTM LowTemp--Optimized Hybridization Buffers for Microarray Applications

JumpStartTM PCR -- Hot Start PCR Enzymes and Mixes

One-Tube Preparation and PCR Amplification of DNA From Plant Leaf Tissue with Extract-N-Amp

Cell Culture

Application Notes
Serum-Free Systems for MDBK and MDCK Epithelial Cells
Growth Kinetics of Primary CEF Cells on Hillex Microcarriers in Sigma's Titer-HighTM CEF Basal Medium with 2% Bovine Calf Serum

Cell Biology

Application Note
Leptomycin B: A Powerful Antibiotic Tool for Studying Nuclear Transport

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