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IUBMN Nicholson Minimaps Gifs

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Title GIF
1. The Hub of Metabolism GIF
2. Glycolysis GIF
3. Lactic and Alcoholic Fermentation GIF
4. Glycolysis and TCA Cycle - Reactions GIF
5. Glycolysis and TCA Cycle - Products of Potential Energy GIF
6. Glycolysis and TCA Cycle - Enzymes and EC Reference Numbers GIF
7. Glycolysis and TCA Cycle - Compartmentation GIF
8. Glycolysis and TCA Cycle - Compartmentation (Simplified) GIF
9. Glycolysis and TCA Cycle - Shuttles GIF
10. Glycolysis and TCA Cycle - Regulation GIF
11. Mitochondrial ATP Formation GIF
12. ATP Yield GIF
13. Anaplerotic (Replenishing) Reactions of the TCA Cycle GIF
14. The Glyoxylate Pathway GIF
15. Gluconeogenesis and Glycolysis GIF
16. Gluconeogenesis and Glycolysis - Regulation GIF
17. Lipid Metabolism GIF
18. Deamination of Amino Acids - The Urea Cycle GIF
19. Purine Metabolism GIF
20. Pyrimidine Metabolism GIF
21. Pentose Phosphate Pathways GIF
22. Pentose Phosphate Pathways - Pathway II GIF
23. Photosynthesis in the Chloroplast GIF
24. Photosynthesis - Regulation GIF
25. Night-Life in the Chloroplast GIF
26. Basic Photosynthesis GIF
27. Photosynthesis - Calvin Cycle GIF
28. Folic Acid Metabolism GIF
29. Folic Acid Reactions GIF
30. Folic Acid and Early Chemotherapy GIF
31. Isoprene Metabolism GIF
32. Products of Isoprene Metabolism GIF
33. Heme Metabolism GIF
34. Prostaglandins GIF
35. ATP and Histidine Interrelationships GIF

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