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Sample Preparation


Product Name Product # 
Centricollä, pH 9.0±0.5 (20 °C) C0580
Dextran from Leuconostoc mesenteroides D5251
Ficoll® 70, Type 70 F2878
Ficoll® solution, Type 400, 20% in water F5415
Ficoll® 400, Type 400-DL, Lyophilized powder F9378
Ficoll® 400, SigmaUltra, Type 400-DL, Lyophilized powder F1418
Ficoll® 400, Type 400, Lyophilized powder F4375
Histodenzä D2158
Larcollä L0650
OptiPrep density gradient medium D1556
Percoll®, pH 8.9±0.3 (20 °C) P1644
PERCOLL® density marker bead kit DMB-10
Polyethylene glycol, mol wt 3,350 P3640
Sucrose, for molecular biology, minimum 99.5% (GC) S0389