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Mammalian Cell Lysis

CelLytic MT

For mammalian tissues, CelLytic MT is an efficient reagent for the extraction of proteins. The lysis buffer consists of a dialyzable mild detergent, bicine, and 150 mM NaCl, resulting in minimal interference with protein interactions and biological activity (Figure 1). CelLytic MT is also used for extraction of cell-line proteins. A volume of 20 ml of CelLytic MT is sufficient for 1 gram of tissue.

It has been tested on the following tissues: rat brain, kidney, muscle, heart, liver, and spleen; mouse brain, kidney and muscle.

Product #  Product Name Package Size
C3228 CelLytic MT Cell Lysis Reagent 50 ml
250 ml

Figure 1. Gel Shift Assay of Oct-1.
Double Stranded 32P-labeled Oct-1 binding motif oligonucleotide was incubated with CelLytic MT extracts (4 µg total protein). Arrows indicate the Oct-1-DNA complex and free probe.

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