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Be at the forefront of the genomic revolution! With our industry leading investments and technical expertise in cutting-edge, gene editing technologies, we provide you the most diverse and advanced CRISPR workflow solutions on the market. Your membership to our reputable CRISPR Core Partnership Program gives your facility exclusive access to our dedicated technical support, prestigious network of experts, first-to-test products, and much more —transcending your success.

"I feel that the ability to leverage your nuclease expertise through the CRISPR Core Partnership Program has been the cornerstone of our success at Emory. The partnership allows us to remain a small group with very efficient output in the face of ever-increasing demand. With the validated CRISPR guide RNA packages, we can now focus on the embryology and generation of genetically engineered models, rather than focusing our energy around the CRISPR guide RNA itself."

Christopher Raymond, PhD, Associate Director, Emory University School of Medicine Mouse Transgenic and Gene Targeting Core

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