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HPLC Analysis of Vitexin and Related Compounds on Ascentis® Express RP-Amide

HPLC Analysis of Vitexin and Related Compounds on Ascentis® Express RP-Amide


column Ascentis Express RP-Amide, 10 cm x 3.0 mm I.D., 2.7 um particles (53918-U)
column temp. 55 C
mobile phase [A] 10 mM citric acid [B] acetontrile (85:15, A:B)
flow rate 0.5 ml/min
pressure 1770 psi (122 bar)
sample 100 ug/mL each in 40% methanol
injection 2 µl
detector UV, 335 nm


Analysis Note Vitexin is an apigenin flavone glucoside, a chemical coupound found in the passion flower, Vitex agnus-castus (chaste tree or chasteberry), and in the Phyllostachys nigra bamboo leaves. It is also found in the pearl millet (Pennisetum millet). Vitexin is also found in Hawthorn. Improved peak shape for the conjugates was obtained at higher temperatures. The analysis shown here was performed on Ascentis Express RP-Amide. The highest quality LC-MS solvents were used to supply low background interference and low particulate contaminants for robust, trouble-free operation. Cerilliant phytopharma CRMs (PHY82682, PHY89291, PHY89290, PHY89233) provided reliable identification and quantification.
Categories Analytical Chromatography, Phenols
Featured Industry Vitamins, Nutraceuticals, and Natural Products
Legal Information Ascentis is a registered trademark of Sigma-Aldrich Co. LLC
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