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Cardiac Drugs

Worldwide cardiovascular disease (CVD) prevalence is increasing, with countries such as China projecting a 73% increase in their CVD rates by 20301 and England projecting a 15% increase by 2020.2 Nearly all cardiac drugs have a narrow therapeutic range requiring careful therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM) to minimize any adverse side effects associated with these medications and to ensure effectiveness of the drug regimen.

Sigma-Aldrich's Cerilliant brand offers a wide selection of Certified Spiking Solutions® for a variety of cardiac drugs from antiarrhythmics, anticoagulants, and antihypertensives to vasodilators and beta blockers. Cerilliant’s cardiac drug Certified Spiking Solutions® include parent drugs, stable-labeled internal standards, and metabolites for use in therapeutic drug monitoring, clinical and diagnostic testing, forensic analysis, and clinical toxicology applications.

Cerilliant’s Certified Spiking Solutions® are prepared and certified to the highest industry standards including ISO Guide 34, ISO/IEC 17025, and ISO 13485. Our comprehensive Certificate of Analysis (COA) provides all analytical data on homogeneity, accuracy of concentration as compared to a calibration curve, and uncertainty and traceability information to support regulatory requirements.


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