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radiello® Diffusive Air Sampler Maintenance

When exposed outdoors or in a workplace environment, the diffusive body may get dirty from airborne dust. Fine particles (PM10) are especially harmful to yellow diffusive bodies since they can obstruct the pores. When the diffusive bodies are dirty you can wash them as follows.

Immerse the diffusive bodies in a beaker with a soapy solution (e.g. dish detergent) and sonicate them for 20 minutes. As the diffusive bodies float, you may make them sink by putting a smaller beaker on them, with water inside enough to dip it a few centimeters. Rinse the diffusive bodies with plenty of water and then deionized water; let them finally dry in the air.


After four or five washings, diffusive bodies need to be replaced: repeatedly adsorbed dust may have penetrated the so deeply that they cannot be removed by washing anymore.

The following table shows the advised washing schedule:


PM10 concentration (µg·m-3) <30 40 >50
Washing after days of exposure 45 30 15


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