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RNase, DNase-free Protocol

Product No. 11119915001


Conditions for RNase digestion

0.1 mU RNase, DNase-free degrades 1 μg RNA in 30 min at + 37 °C in a reaction volume of 50 μl PCR grade water. The protein concentration of RNase, DNase-free is 0.5 μg/μl. The specific activity of the enzyme is 30 U/mg, corresponding to 1.5 mU/μl; one microliter of the RNase preparation is sufficient to completely degrade 15 μg RNA in 30 min. Because the exact concentration of RNA in biological samples is not known exactly, and one typically wants to degrade the RNA quantitatively, a excess of RNase is recommended.

RNases do not have specific reaction buffer needs: they are active in pure water and in the presence of Tris or NaCl.

To remove RNA from your samples, add RNase, DNase-free and incubate at either +15 to +25 °C or +37 °C.

For example, add 0.5 μl RNase to the nucleic acids from 106 cells and incubate at +15 to + 25 °C or +37 °C. For nucleic acids from 107 cells, add 1.5 μl RNase and incubate 30 min at + 37 °C. For nucleic acids from 108 cells, add 16 μl RNase and incubate 30 min at + 37 °C.


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