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Food Microbiological Control

Food Microbiological Control

 We Care For You!

Discover our Microbial Testing Solutions for The Food Industries.

MilliporeSigma and BioControl Systems have joined forces to offer a Full Service Portfolio. Together, we make your work flow.

Our  microbial testing products and kits comply with international standards. Our portfolio includes dehydrated and granulated culture media, ready-to-use agar plates, liquid media, as well as molecular (PCR) or immunological solutions for the specific detection of pathogens such as Listeria, Salmonella, Campylobacter or Escherichia coli or the detection of quality indicator organisms
We also have a comprehensive range of services or high-quality environmental monitoring solutions to help you keep your facilities safe for convenient checking of surfaces, equipment, and air quality for contaminants – for rapid, and reliable results.