5 - 9 November, 2017 in Jeju, Korea

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Merck and Sigma-Aldrich have combined forces to become Merck, the Life Science business of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany, providing you with quality products to accelerate your research and achieve better results. Together we can deliver the promise of Life Sciences.

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  • How to improve Sample Preparation for challenging matrices?
  • Which modern HPLC particle technology is ideal for your requirements?
  • What are the most suited Reference Materials or Certified Reference Materials for your analysis?
  • Can the choice of mobile phase make a further difference in your separation?

Presentations and Sessions

Make your HPLC experience worthwhile by attending Merck’s oral and poster presentations and our Technical Seminar.

Oral Presentations    
Investigations for a better understanding of HILIC: Focus on the Equilibration Process
Date: 06.11.2017 Time: Separation Mechanism session between 8:30 - 10:10
By: Dr. Frank Michel    
Volatile Organic Compounds in Water: Validation of new ISO Standard 17943 for Determination by SPME and GC/MS
Date: 07.11.2017 Time: Water & Environmental Analysis (IUPAC) I session between 8:30 - 10:10
By: Dr. Frank Michel    


Poster Presentations    
Elimination of matrix effects in multi-class, multi-residue LC-MS/MS analysis by biocompatible solid phase microextraction (BioSPME)
Date: TBD Time: TBD
By: Sung-Hee Park
Poster Number: TBD    
Wide pore monolithic silica of various functionalization: Protein A, epoxy, C18, C8 and C4, in high performance liquid chromatography for large molecule separations
Date: TBD Time: TBD
By: Dr. Egidijus Machtejevas
Poster Number: TBD    
Advances in Clean-up of challenging Food Matrices using a new Dual-Layer SPE Cartridge for LC/MS and GC/MS Analysis of Pesticides
Date: TBD Time: TBD
By: Dr. Frank Michel
Poster Number: TBD    
Combining On-line SPE with HPLC-MS for improved Bioanalysis
Date: TBD Time: TBD
By: Dr. Frank Michel
Poster Number: TBD    


Technical Seminar    
Wide pore monolithic silica of various functionalization: Protein A, C18, C8 and C4 modification for HPLC of large molecules
Date: TBD Time: TBD
By: Dr. Egidijus Machtejevas
Location: TBD    

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A glimpse of the innovations we’ll be showcasing at our booth

Chromolith® HPLC Columns

Chromolith® HPLC Columns enable high-throughput analysis without loss of separation efficiency or peak capacity.


Ascentis® Express &  BIOshell™ HPLC Columns

Fused-Core® technology for outstanding separation efficiency for small (Ascentis® Express) and large molecules (BIOshell™).


Supel™Que for QuEChERS

QuEChERS (Quick, Easy, Cheap, Effective, Rugged, and Safe) method, dispersive SPE (dSPE), is a sample prep technique that has become popular in the area of multi-residue pesticide analysis in food and agricultural products. The Supel™QuE product line comprises several unique beneficial adsorbents cleaning up even the highly challenging samples.


LiChrosolv® hypergrade LC-MS Solvents & Blends

High purity solvents specifically to meet the stringent requirements of LC-MS applications providing baseline stability and lowest impurity levels. For your convenience high purity solvents pre-blended with acetic acid (HA), formic acid (FA) or trifluoroacetic acid (TFA) are available as ready-to-use mobile phases for LC-MS.


Samplicity® G2 Filtration System

Our outstanding vacuum filtration system for sample preparation for HPLC


Milli-Q® IQ 7000 Ultrapure Lab Water System

Our Milli-Q® IQ 7000 Ultrapure Lab Water System ensures consistent production of superior-quality ultrapure water. Discover how it will change the way you work in the lab!


HPLC Workflow Solutions

With Merck you’ll find solutions for every phase of your HPLC workflow!