Synthemax® -R cell culture surface

The Corning® Synthemax® -R Surface is a unique synthetic cell culture surface coated onto tissue culture treated flasks and multi well plates. The surface chemistry is designed to mimic a cells′ natural environment with an extracellular matrix derived cell adhesion promoting peptide. The peptide acrylate coating creates a uniform active surface for stem cell attachment, growth and differentiation, especially in chemically defined media.

Synthemax-R Surface multi well plates and flasks offer a synthetic alternative to biological coatings and/or feeder cell layers used in traditional stem cell culture. The proprietary surface coating technology ensures lot-to-lot consistency, facilitating reproducible results in laboratories.

Developed by Corning scientists, this new biomimetic surface benefits are:

  • Gamma sterilized (SAL 10-3)
  • Stored at room temperature
  • Ready-to-use surface with no preparation required
  • 2 year shelf life
  • Eliminates the need and time for expensive coatings
  • Amenable to automation

Please visit Synthemax Sample Request to receive your trial Synthemax -R Surface multi well plates and flasks.
Corning Synthemax -R surface flasks
Corning Synthemax -R surface plates

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CLS3535XX1 Corning® Synthemax®II vial SC substrate, synthetic surface coating, 10 mg vial, irradiated
CLS3983XX1 Corning® Synthemax®-R surface cell culture flasks Synthemax-R Surface 75cm2 rectangular canted neck cell culture flask w/ vent, individually wrapped, cap, sterile, 2/cs
CLS3978XX1 Corning® Synthemax®-R surface multiwell plates Synthemax -R Surface 6 well plate, 9.5 cm2, polystyrene, w/ lid, individually wrapped, sterile, 2/cs, sterile
CLS3979XX1 Corning® Synthemax®-R surface multiwell plates
CLS3978 Corning® Synthemax®-R surface multiwell plates 6 wells, sterile