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Orbit Individual and Class Sets

Orbit Molecular Building System Sets
A range of sets for containing a variety of atoms tailored to various levels and subjects. Individual sets, supplied in plastic containers, provide extensive resources for students, teachers or small groups. The large research set is supplied in a compartmented boxes and sufficient atoms for multi-group activities. All except the foundation set is supplied with a booklet containing instructions, illustrations and activities (with questions and answers) for each subject.
Organic and Inorganic Individual set
Orbit Foundation Set
Orbit Basic Structures Individual Set

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Z119636 Cochranes molecular models orbit, large set
Z119660 Cochranes molecular models orbit, basic organic
Z184772 Cochranes molecular models orbit, basic structural chemistry
Z184764 Cochranes molecular models orbit, biochemistry
Z184780 Cochranes molecular models orbit, lattices
Z184756 Cochranes molecular models organic/inorganic, orbit