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GE Blotting Equipment

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GETE46 GE blotter paper size 14.5 x 21.5 cm
GETE26 GE blotting paper size 9 x 10.5 cm
GETE76 GE blotting paper size 21 x 26 cm
GETE761416 GE blotting paper size 14 x 16 cm
GEHE30 GE buffer chamber assembly
GETE25 GE cassette foam sponges thickness 1/4 in.
GETE25F18 GE cassette foam sponges thickness 1/8 in.
GETE45F18 GE cassette foam sponges for hinged cassette, thickness 1/8 in.
GEHE91BK GE comb back with 2 screws for HE99X combs
GEHE31BK GE comb back with 2 screws for HE33 combs
GETE23 GE electrode panel
GETE43BK GE electrode panel assembly black
GETE43GY GE electrode panel assembly gray
GEHE39 GE electrode replacement kit for HE33 units
GE80649876 GE electrode set for manifold
GE11003364 GE Ettan IPGphor 3 Isoelectric Focusing unit AC input 115-220 V
GE80649838 GE Ettan IPGphor manifold complete
GE11002688 GE Ettan IPGphor manifold light kit complete
GE11002580 GE Ettan IPGphor manifold polymeric tray
GETE24 GE gel cassette with foam sponges
GEHE4710 GE gel casting kit for HE33 units, size 7 cm × 10 cm
GEHE33B GE HE33 mini submarine unit basic, without comb, gel size 7 cm × 10 cm
GEHE99X GE HE 99X max submarine unit basic, W 15 cm, L 10, 15, or 20 cm
GETE44H GE hinged gel cassette with foam sponges
GETE29 GE lid with cables
GE80649933 GE paper bridge pads pack of 6 × 6 x 20 ea
GE80649914 GE paper electrode wicks pack of 6 × 6 x 40 ea
GESE1145 GE porous polyethylene sheet
GE80649895 GE sample cups for manifold pack of 6 × 20 ea
GETE49 GE standard plastic lid with cables
GETE22 GE TE22 Transphor mini tank transfer unit AC input 100 V
GETE62 GE TE62 Transphor transfer unit AC input 100 V
GETE70 GE TE70 ECL Transphor semi-dry transfer unit AC input 100-240 V
GE28400145 GE USB to RS232 adapter