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Belly Button mini-orbital shaker

The Belly Button is a compact version of the well known Belly Dancer shaker. Designed with available space in mind, the Belly Button has a compact 8 in.x 8in. foot print and an over all height of only 5 inches. The easily adjustable speed and platform pitch angle controles provide a wide range of agitation conditions, from extremely gentle to vigorous.

The Belly Button is an exceptionally simple liquid agitation system, consisting of orbiting platform flexibly anchored at four corners so that the platform motion, when adjusted by the platform pitch control collar, is an extremely effective combination of rocking platform and orbital shaker. One-dimensional shakers do not have the versatility and range of application that result from the variable speed and adjustable platform pitch of the Belly Button.

Ideal to use in a crowded incubator for cell and tissue culture applications.

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Z768472 The Belly Button® mini-orbital shaker with silicone mat, AC input 90 - 240 V (universal plug)
Z768480 The Belly Button® mini-orbital shaker with tube and silicone mat, AC input 90 - 240 V (universal plug)