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Microbiology books include titles on microbiological media, endotoxins and drug resistant bacteria.


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Z731293 Bailey & Scott’s Diagnostic Microbiology 12th ed. detailed hands-on procedures The 12th edition features the same comprehensive, authoritative content and adds new and updated material throughout. Detailed hands-on procedures make the content more interesting and relevant by describing exactly what takes place in the micro lab. There are 3 new chapters along with general considerations and applications of information provided in Bacterial Sections of Part III which explains the criteria for organism inclusion and how it should be used. This guide to Part III includes gram reaction, shape, arrangement, atmosphere preferred, oxidase and catalase reactions, among other decision points for various pathogens, creating a visual method of identifying and cross referencing organisms.
Z730084 Binding and Kinetics for Molecular Biologists a practical guide to quantitative analysis in biological experiments This handbook offers a practical guide to the principles of quantitative analysis in biological experiments. The material is primarily aimed at working molecular biologists, but the scope and clarity of presentation make it equally suitable for students.

Topics covered range from the basics—such as measuring the concentrations of macromolecules—through considerations of binding constants and the kinetics of molecular interactions. The book ends with a thorough consideration of data analysis.