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Microbiology books include titles on microbiological media, endotoxins and drug resistant bacteria.


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Z731293 Bailey & Scott’s Diagnostic Microbiology 12th ed. detailed hands-on procedures The 12th edition features the same comprehensive, authoritative content and adds new and updated material throughout. Detailed hands-on procedures make the content more interesting and relevant by describing exactly what takes place in the micro lab. There are 3 new chapters along with general considerations and applications of information provided in Bacterial Sections of Part III which explains the criteria for organism inclusion and how it should be used. This guide to Part III includes gram reaction, shape, arrangement, atmosphere preferred, oxidase and catalase reactions, among other decision points for various pathogens, creating a visual method of identifying and cross referencing organisms.
Z369861 Diagnostic Molecular Microbiology: Principles and Applications DNA techniques in the microbiology laboratory comprehensively reviewed, with four editors contributing their particular expertise and viewpoints. Cutting edge techniques like nucleic acid probes and in vitro amplification, and concepts of quality control in PCR processes are applied to identification of pathogens, known and novel in over 60 detailed protocols.