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Our proteomics research books gives scientists a variety of resources on the dynamic nature of gene expression and regulation with protein profiling.


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A2719 Adhesion Protein Protocols The cutting edge methods in this title will enable both novice and experienced researchers readily to identify and clone new adhesion proteins, to successfully produce inhibitors of the adhesive activity, to develop biological models for the assay of cell-to-matrix and cell-to-cell adhesion in vitro, and to measure the signaling activities of adhesion proteins. By illuminating these adhesive molecules and the possibilities for manipulating them, the new experimental strategies collected here will have considerable clinical potential for the regulation of immunity, inflammation, tissue remodeling, and embryonic development.
Z731315 Cell-free Protein Synthesis practical advice for beginners and experts alike With its detailed description of membrane protein expression, high-throughput and genomic-scale expression studies, both on the analytical and the preparative scale, this book covers the latest advances in the field. The step-by-step protocols and practical examples given for each method constitute practical advice for beginners and experts alike.
Z701483 Protein Purification Protocols, 2nd ed. experts update this classic protocols manual for protein purification techniques Experts update this classic protocols manual for protein purification techniques. New chapters include those on protein fractionation and chromatographic techniques. New developments in proteomics are included such as the use of 2-D gel electrophoresis as a preparative technique for protein characterization.

They also include newer techniques using analytical chromatography for the multidimensional separations of proteins and peptides as well as mass spectrometric techniques for isolating proteins. The authors provide descriptions of how to scale-up purification methods and the purification of proteins for therapeutic use.
Z705233 Separation Methods in Proteomics G. Smejkal and G. Lazarev, CRC Press, 2006, 536 pp., hard cover Protein separation techniques have been refined to minimize variability, optimize particular applications, and adapt to user preferences in the analysis of proteins. This book provides an examination of all major separation techniques for proteomics research. A compilation of hands-on methods, it may serve as a guide for selection of the optimal separation strategies to solve particular biological problems.

Progress in the development of robust analytical techniques and instrumentation has created the need for good quality biological samples that are subject to analysis. Emphasizing the importance of sample preparation, the book explains how proteomes can be divided into smaller, less complicated "subproteomes" for individual analysis.