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Gas Equipment Product Guide

The categories listed below in this product guide will help you make informed, simplified decisions for all of your gas equipment needs.


Packaging - Aldrich gases are supplied as either compressed gases in standard lecture-bottle cylinders with an outlet valve or as liquefied gases packaged under their vapor pressure in small, low pressure cylinders with an outlet valve or plug.
Regulators – use when pressure control is required for both compressed and liquefied gases.
Purge Valves – use in conjunction with the gas regulator for corrosive gases to prevent damage to equipment due to gas hydrolysis.
Control Valves – use when pressure control is not required or when a regulator is not recommended for a particular gas.
Hose Barbs – use when pressure control is not required and to connect tubing to an outlet valve.
Lecture-Bottle Dispensing Stations – fully integrated systems for the safe storage and dispensing of compressed lecture-bottle gases.
Aldrich Lecture Bottle Gas Regulator
Aldrich Lecture Bottle Station
Drierite gas-drying unit