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Electrophoresis Supplies

Sigma-Aldrich Electrophoresis Platform

The Sigma-Aldrich electrophoresis platform offers novel solutions for fast and economical electrophoresis across the entire electrophoresis workflow, including a broad range of high quality, efficacious reagents. Our electrophoresis units save time and minimize effort in the laboratory while providing high end sample analysis. High quality, reproducible results are the main objectives behind this new electrophoresis platform.

This electrophoresis platform comprises horizontal and vertical gel electrophoresis units in addition to blotting systems. These systems are suitable for a variety of DNA, RNA and protein gel electrophoresis, including research applications involving nucleic acid purification, protein isolation and purification, protein expression/recombinant protein expression, cell signalling/cell pathway studies, cell characterization studies, RNAi as well as studies involving nucleic acid transfection, translation and cloning.

For an instructional overview and further information regarding the x-tracta gel extraction tool for nucleic acid agarose gel band extraction, please visit
Sigma-Aldrich Vertical Electrophoresis System
Sigma-Aldrich Blotting and Vertical Electrophoresis System
Sigma-Aldrich Horizontal Electrophoresis System