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Boiling Media

  • For boiling and distillation operations
  • Use as distillation packing, mixing beads or boiling stones
Pyrex Solid Glass Beads

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18406 Glass beads diam. ~5 mm
G8772 Glass beads, acid-washed 425-600 μm (30-40 U.S. sieve)
G4649 Glass beads, acid-washed ≤106 μm (−140 U.S. sieve)
G1277 Glass beads, acid-washed 212-300 μm (50-70 U.S. sieve)
G1145 Glass beads, acid-washed 150-212 μm (70-100 U.S. sieve)
G1152 Glass beads, acid-washed 710-1,180 μm (16-25 U.S. sieve)
G9143 Glass beads, unwashed 212-300 μm (50-70 U.S. sieve)
G8893 Glass beads, unwashed ≤106 μm (140-finer U.S. sieve)
G9018 Glass beads, unwashed 150-212 μm (70-100 U.S. sieve)
Z265918 Microporous carbon boiling chips weight 227 g
Z243558 PTFE boiling stones weight 454 g
Z273619 Solid-glass beads borosilicate, diam. 1 mm
Z273627 Solid-glass beads borosilicate, diam. 2 mm
Z143928 Solid-glass beads borosilicate, diam. 3 mm
Z143936 Solid-glass beads borosilicate, diam. 4 mm
Z143944 Solid-glass beads borosilicate, diam. 5 mm
Z143952 Solid-glass beads borosilicate, diam. 6 mm
Z265926 Solid-glass beads soda-lime glass, diam. 3 mm
Z265934 Solid-glass beads soda-lime glass, diam. 4 mm
Z265942 Solid-glass beads soda-lime glass, diam. 5 mm
Z265950 Solid-glass beads soda-lime glass, diam. 6 mm
Z265896 Tamer Tabs good in boiling operations and are highly effective in controlling distillation of liquids