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Large Molecule BioAnalysis

Bioanalysis for large molecules, like Proteins or specific Biotherapeutics, refer to a set of methods, assays, and procedures that enable scientists to analyze specific proteins found in living organisms and  the biochemical reactions underlying life processes.

To perform a comprehensive analysis of a protein, scientists need to design a strategy to detect that biomolecule, isolate it in pure form from thousands of other molecules and impurities that can be found in an extract from a biological sample, characterize it, quantify it and analyze its function.

To facilitate analysis of complex biomolecules, several fractionation and separation methods have been teamed with Mass Spectrometry, in particular, the coupling of liquid chromatography (LC) with MS has created the core bioanalytical method.

 Solutions Along the BioAnalysis Workflow

Each large biomolecule has it’s own unique challenges in extraction and quantification, which may be addressed by the highlighted products below.

Large Molecule BioAnalysis Workflow