Sandia Products for Protein Expression and Analysis

Sandia Biotech′s split GFP products allow for a protein of interest to be generated with a small tag that does not interfere with protein conformation or function. The tagged protein can be detected and quantified with a probe that only fluoresces when bound to the tag. The small 16aa sGFP tag is placed on a protein fusion created with the use of our supplied plasmid. The tag is small enough that it will not interfere with the protein′s folding or functionality. When a protein is mis-folded the small tag becomes conformationally obscured, the obscured tag will not complement with the probe and not fluoresce. Proteins that have aggregated will also obscure the sGFP tag and prevent complementation with the probe. The sGFP probe is only 25 kDa, 1/5th the size of an IgG. Once a tagged protein is secreted in a cell, the tag, due to its small size, will not interfere with the proteins function or become toxic. These two attributes make the sGFP platform ideal for protein localization and trafficking in a cell.

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APPA008 In Vitro Bacterial Split GFP Fold ′n′ Glow Solubility Assay Kit (cyan)
APPA011 In Vitro Mammalian Optimized Split GFP Fold ′n′ Glow Solubility Assay Kit (yellow)