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Bovine Liver Source

Bovine Liver Source ß-Glucuronidases
Bovine ß-Glucuronidase is a 290 kD protein with an isoelectric point of 5.1.1
Bovine preparations typically contain small amounts of sulfatase activity, usually less than 0.5%.
Optimal pH
glucuronidase activity: 4.4
sulfatase activity: 4.4

1. Himeno, et al., J. Biochem.(Tokyo), 76, 1243 (1974)

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G0251 β-Glucuronidase from bovine liver Type B-1, ≥1,000,000 units/g solid
G0376 β-Glucuronidase from bovine liver Type B-3, ≥2,000,000 units/g solid
G0501 β-Glucuronidase from bovine liver Type B-10, ~10,000 units/mg solid