Monoclonal and polyclonal primary antibodies are focused on cell biology, neurobiology and molecular biology. Secondary antibodies targeting multiple host’s IgG are conjugated to alkaline phosphatase, peroxidase, biotin, FITC and other labels. Other immunochemicals include assay development reagents, such as purified immunoglobulins, controls, blocking agents, buffers and substrates.


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Duolink®, Protein Interaction Technology
See what you’ve never seen before with amplified Duolink® secondary antibody technology.
Combine the specificity of secondary antibodies, with the sensitivity afforded by rolling circle amplification to detect endogenous proteins in cells and tissues.
Organelle Marker Antibodies

• Comprehensive panel for organelle &
  subcellular localization studies
• Polyclonals and monoclonals for
  double-staining immunofluorescence
• Designed to recognize multiple species
  with low cross-reactivity

Prestige Antibodies®
• Most Validated Antibodies on the
• Supported by the Human Protein Atlas
• Monoclonal and Polyclonal